The Land Before Time XVI: The Mystery Dungeon
Directed byDavis Doi
Produced byLisa Melbye
Deirdre Brenner
Written by
Narrated by

Brigit Mendler

Dave Eighchase

Jason Marsden

Kristen Dunset

Anna Paquin

Christian Bale

DistributorUniversal Studios Home Entertainment


NIS America

Spike Chunsoft

Release date(s)June 2017 (USA)

June 2017 (UK)

January 2017 (JPN)

Running time
CountryUnited States


LanguageEnglish (original language)

Japanese (original language)

MPAA Rating
Preceded byThe Land Before Time XV: The Friendly Sharptooth Flyer
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This is the sequel movie to  Friendly Sharptooth Flyer. It involves a Longneck named Dungeon who comes to the Great Valley, really weak and dehydrated. She is brought back to health but has an unusual fear of Sharpteeth. She also is accident prone and gets on the bad side of grownups such as Topps and Mrs. Maia.

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