Season 3 of the TV Series is the final season and takes place after Season 2 and before the 15th film.

Title Overview
50 Etta's Adventure Etta, whom they met in Journey of the

Brave, has come to the Great

Valley with a request.

51 Doc's Decision Doc is back with Dara. He is

considering getting married,

but isn't sure what to do,

having been a loner for

so long.

52 Return of the Rainbow Faces The Rainbow Faces

from film VII have

dropped back in for

a little visit.

53 Trapped Tippy has returned. However,

when a rockslide blocks the

entrance to the Great Valley

and food runs low due to

heavy flooding, it's up to the

kids to break the rocks and

get some food.

54 Up River After running away from

the Great Valley due to an

argument with her father,

Cera accidentally falls into

a river and is swept away.

She meets Archie and Mo.

Littlefoot and the others,

meanwhile, go searching

for her.

55 Stranded on the Smoking Mountains Littlefoot and the others are

on the Smoking Mountains

during an earthshake.

Though they are ok, they need

to rely on Petrie's bravery to

get them down. But is

he up to it?

(More Episodes to be added later

besides the last 3 episodes of

the show below.)

?? Break-In After a friendly game goes wrong,

the Gang accidentally breaks a

hole in the Great Wall. Red Claw

and other Fast Biters break in.

Can the Great Valley

residents drive them out?

?? Kidnapped! Chomper and Ruby, having

learned how the Great Valley

worked together to drive

Red Claw and his Fast Biters

out, start formulating a plan to

get him brought down in the

Mysterious Beyond. However,

Red Claw, itching to get rid of

Chomper once and for all,

kidnaps Ruby in an attempt to

lure Chomper and his friends

to their doom.

?? Showdown (Note: This is the series finale.)

They have escaped with Ruby,

but are on the run from Red Claw,

Screech, and Thud. They meet

a few Sharpteeth, Flatteeth, and

Ruby's family in the Mysterious

Beyond. They have to work fast to

get the groups to work together and

help them try and defeat Red Claw

for good.