The Land Before Time All Grown Up XIV:The Great Seperation is a 2032 theatrical animated feature and the fourteenth film in The Land Before Time All Grown Up series. Featuring the new actors Keke Palmer, Matt Hill, Halle Berry, Khary Payton, Jessie J, Ciara Bravo, Jennifer Lopez, George Lopez, Bill Murray, Keegan-Michael Key,Kevin Michael Richardson, Mark Ryan, Common


Littlefoot (Eljiah Wood)

Cera (Hayden Panettiere)

Ducky (Tara Strong)

Petrie (Tom Kenny)

Spike (Mitchell Whitefield)

Tippy (Rickey D'Shon Collins)

Chomper (James Arnold Taylor)

Ruby (Grey Delise)

New Characters

Etha (Keke Palmer) (Khaan mckennai)

Tonner (Matt Hill) (Kentrosaurus)

Elina (Halle Berry) (Effigia)

Sky (Khary Payton)

Star (Jessica B)

Alxa (Ciara Bravo) (Alxasaurus)

Alexia (Jennifer Lopez) (Alxasaurus)

Archie (George Lopez) (Alxasaurus)

Roloo (Billy Murray) (Lizard)

Sammoo (Keegan-Michael Key) (Mouse like creature)

Clubber (Kevin Michael Richardson) (Euoplocephalus)

Tempen (Mark Ryan) (Megaraptor)

Rampus (Kevin Michael Richardson) (Megaraptor)

Taku (Common) (Megaraptor)

Special Guest

Etta (Reba Mcentire) Wild Arms (Damon Wayans Jr.)


Feathered Fast Biters (Dakotaraptors)

Nose Crested Sharpteeth (Yangchuanosaurus)

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