The Land Before Time All Grown Up XIII: The Land Drift is a 2023 theatrical animated film, directed by Charles Grosvenor.

The Land Before Time All Grown Up The Land Drift

Snapshot 35 (9-6-2015 2-22 PM)-

Plot: The earthshake causes the land to change and starts having a great giant wall to move causing the entire lands to shake

In a unknown valley Littlefoot and Ruby starts racing though the forest and on the log and Ruby won the race and got all tired out and Littlefoot who almost won got tired too.

At the water, Cera, Ducky, Petrie, Spike and Tippy starts jumping on rocks to see who gets to the other side of the water first and Petrie came in last place.

In the woods Chomper hunts for ground crawlers and felt an earthshake near by and went down a hill on a big log.

When the gang got together with Mr.Thicknose, they arrived at a Valley that Mr.Thicknose has been and meets a herd of walkers (Iguanodons)


Littlefoot (voiced by Elijah Wood)

Cera (voiced by Hayden Panttiere)

Ducky (voiced by Tara Strong)

Petrie (voiced by Tom Kenny)

Spike (voiced by Mitchell Whitfield)

Tippy (voiced by Rickey D'Shon Collins)

Chomper (voiced by James Arnold Taylor)

Ruby (voiced by Grey Delisle)


​Master Tutt (Kaprosuchus) voiced by Jim Cumming

Lynn (Nundasuchus) voiced by Nick Frost

Naz (Postosuchus) voiced by Rebel Wilson

Ruint (Dilpocalus) voiced by Aziz Ansari

Jura (Prestosuchus) voiced by Marilyn Tokuda

Tupta (Labyrinhodontia) voiced by Kunal Nayyar

Iiant (Ichtyostega) voiced by Patrick Pinney

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