The Land Before Time All Grown Up XII: Days of the Wisdoms is a 2031 twelveth theatrical movie in The Land Before Time All Grown Up series featuring new cast members and Reba Mcentire who played Etta.


It's almost time for the Day of the Wisdoms for all the dinosaurs in the Great Valley while Littlefoot and his friends Tippy, Ducky, Spike keeps an eye out for arriving guest meanwhile Chomper plays tag with Vera and Ruby who were heading to Littlefoot and the others and when they got to them, they see Petrie and Guido practicing flying and gliding with Glidy and Nessy for the Wisdom and Petrie mess up and the gang see a flock of flyers coming to the valley and see other flyers named Alco, Peteino, Queztial, and Geora who were being chased by rogue flyers (Scaphognathus) and was able to help them by scaring the rogues out of the valley.

After being saved by the gang the young flyers meet up with Wingra and his wife Flewa and their daughters Hatza and Zega (Hatzegopteryx) who were worried while Littlefoot meets a new flyer name Zhengo (Zhejiangopterus).

Meanwhile in a different place the flyer elder (Dsungaripterus) announcd that Aero (Aerotitan) is the new leader of the flyer instead of Rhanma (Rhamphorhynchus) who wanted to be the leader and waited for the arrival of Luna and her daughter, Lisdoa and then we'e attack by other rogue flyers who are led by Flapper (Pterodactyl) and Luna orders Aero to get her daughter to the Great Valley to be safe.

Later back in the Great Valley, Littlefoot and Chomper are practicing their wisdoms until the encountered a other flyer who happens to be Etta from the past who was attack by a flock of rogue Sharptooth headed flyers (Dimorphodon)

In the morning, all the dinosaurs have gathered for the flyer challenge, while Rhanma hired his followers to ambush Littlefoot while he's racing Aero for leadership. Has the challenge begins Chomper makes rules for the flyers that they have to fly over the log, through the canyon without touching a single wall, through the cave at the back, flying in the forest without hitting a tree and fly across the river and up in the air back where they started without cheating. As the race begins, Rhanma starts cheating on Aero while his followers goes after Littlefoot to take him down. During the race Petrie discovers the flyers leaving the challenge and warns the others what they're doing and Geora and Queztial found out that they're sneaking up on Littlefoot to attack him and stopped them before Littlefoot left the challenge and Wingra sees him leaving and followed him along with his daughters and his wife. After the flyers were stopped by the gang, Littlefoot found out that they were to attack and used the challenge for cover, and Wingra knows the flyers that they're only loyal to Rhanma who came with this, and Aero and Rhanma were about to finish the race and Rhanma notice that Littlefoot was gone and cheats on Aero by hitting his wings and was about to win, but Aero flew faster to win first,

After Aero won the race, Rhanma wants everyone to believe that he cheated, but everyone knows that he's lying cause he was cheated and he was disqualified, but he told everyone that the Flyer Challenge means noting to him and said that his followers took down Littlefoot and tries to take over the Great Valley but notice that Littlefoot was still alive thanks to his friend who stoppedhis followers, Wingra and his wife Flewa were very disappointed in him and Aero told them he didn't put them up to this and they know all this came from Rhanma and confirm his punishment to him. When Aero told them that Rhanma has been disqualified for cheating during the Flyer Challenge he, and his were no longer welcome in his flock, and Wingra and Flewa banished them from the Flyer Flock and the Great Valley and Rhanma and his followers flew off and left the valley


Elijah Wood as Littlefoot

Hayden Panettiere as Cera

Tara Stong as Ducky

Tom Kenny as Petrie

Mitchell Whitfield as Spike

Rickey D'Shon Collins as Tippy

James Arnold Taylor as Chomper

Grey Delisle as Ruby

Guest Stars

Reba McEntire as Etta (Pteranodon)

Samurel J. Jackson as Wingra (Hatzegopteryx)

Uzo Aduba as Nova (Hatzegopteryx)