In an unknown Valley the dinosaurs were eating tree stars and drinking water, and two domeheads (Pachycephalosaurus) were head butting each other. In the woods the eyes of a rogue dinosaur shows,and the domeheads smells something near them, and they see a dinosaur coming out of the shadows, and they panicked ran and warn the other dinosaurs that a rogue dinosaur is here, and the dinosaur came out of the woods and attacks and the dinosaurs starts running as fast as they can and a spiketail got caught and was killed by the rogue with a red foot and the shadow of the rogue happens to be a longneck (brontosaurus)
(In the bushes the green eyes of a unknown dinosaur shows)
(The green eyes disappeared)

In the peachful Great Valley, Littlefoot and his friends, Ducky, Petrie, Spike, Tippy, and Ruby are eating Tree Stars and Chomper is eating ground crawlers (Bugs)

Littlefoot: I'm just so excited for the Fall Celebration

Ducky: Me, too, and I just love celebrations

Petrie: So do I. And this celebration, we're gonna have those yummy treesweets from the beautiful tree over there.

Spike: Yeah, that tree has all beautiful treesweets all over.

Tippy: Yeah, but everyone really needs one, Spike.

Ruby: Yeah, Spike we're all gonna get one of the Treesweets soon.

Chomper: Not this sharptooth. Cause I'm eating one of my favorite foods the ground Crawlers.

You know, Thickly, it's been so long since I've been to the Great Valley looking for you.

Mr. Thicknose:I know. Just wait until you look at the most beautiful thing you might see here.

(Mr. Thicknose look at the two horns knocking all the Treesweets down and yelled and all the dinosaurs geared him)

Ruby: What was that, Chomper.

Chomper. (Sigh) It's probably Mr. Thickness. Better see what's going on.

Littlefoot change his name to Tall Tail

(Littlefoot walking outside feeling upset)

Littlefoot: I do not like being little! (Sigh) It's not fair. I don't like when someone who makes fun of me. I can't take it anymore. I don't like my name anymore. So I'm gonna change it forever. No more Littlefoot. For now on, my new name will be Tall Tail, and that's it.

Later in the middle of the night, Red was walking close to edge and stop and roars really loud while Brighterra watches him and howls and disappered

(Littlefoot Gives Up and Runs away)

(No One Needs Me)

(Music Playing while Littlefoot angrily ran away from the Forest Valley after failing to stop Red Foot)

Every time I tried I tried so hard

But the things I've did to do the things I tried

I did everything to do my best

I've tried so very hard

But the things I did I have failed

Dino Friends I've failed you all

I did my best I tried so hard and fail you all

All the things I did with you I've could've do a thing

And I tried so hard cause was to little

To little to do lead you all

No one needs me to lead the way

I'm to very Little

No one needs me cause no one wants me

And I can't do a big thing

I just don't like being Little

(During the song Littlefoot is away from the valley away from the ones who ignored him and Brighterra who in the bushes sees him alone after failing a dissappered

(No Longer Friends with Threehorns Anymore)

(Chomper walking to Horin and the others for what they did for ignoring Littlefoot and for making him run away and listen what they are saying.)

Horin: Listen guys we got to try to get rid of Red Foot if we ever gonna patrol like everyone and Chomper and the others are the only ones who can help us. We'll need all their skills they have.

Hornberto: You're right, brother we'll need Chomper's sniff to track him down and Spike and Tippy's spiky tails and Ruby's speed and while they tired him out......

Cera: And that's when I bump him once and for all and everyone will thank you guys and everyone back in the Great Valley will thank me.

(Chomper shocked and angryly walked to the others)

Chomper: Guys, did you hear what Cera and her siblings and friends were saying about us?

Ruby: No. What were they saying about us?

Chomper: I'll tell you what they were saying. They been using us the whole time!

Ducky: (GASP) How could they?!

Petrie: All this time, they been using our skills?

Spike: That explains why everyone has been ignoring us!

Tippy: And that's why they ignored Littlefoot when change his name to Tall Tail before he ran away!

Ruby: I don't believe it! Cera lied to us when she led us here!

Horin: Hey, guys. Let's go and search for Red Foot and get rid him.

Chomper: No!

Horin: What?

Chomper: Don't you know what happened to Tall Tail?

Horin: No, and where is he anyway?

Chomper: I'll tell you what happened to him. He ran away because of you!

Horin: Me? I didn't know.

Chomper: Of course you didn't know! He's gone, thanks to you!

Ducky: That's right!

Cera: Ducky, who are you gonna believe? My brother, or this Sharptooth?

Ducky: That sharptooth is our friend!

Cera: Friend?! Well this sharptooth lost his friend who hatched him! He's just jealous cause I did all the work, and he didn't.

Chomper: Oh, really? Well, tell me something ms Threehorn Girl, why do you always get in his way all the time?

Horin: Guys forget about this we got work to do. We'll find Tall Tail later. Now let's go.

Chomper: That does it! The only reason you ignored Tall Tail, cause you keep paying attention to me, and the others expect him, cause you don't see him like he's to little.

Ducky: Well, I agree with you, Chomper.

Horna: Ducky, I don't believe you thrusting him.

Spike: Are you calling my sister and liar?!

Frilla: Okay, this has gone far enough. After everything you guys did for us, we let you guys help us.

Ruby: Oh, yeah, so you can show off to everyone who ignore us and payed a attention to Cera? You guys used to be good to us, but now, you're just a couple of threehorns who didn't like Tall Tail like your father who is dead!

Cera: (GASP) How could you say that about my dad?!

Ducky: Well, your dad was always so grumpy to everyone back in the Great Valley!

Spike: Uh-huh.

Petrie: Your father always making up rules like he so bossy all the time, and that upsets us, and we don't like being upset!

Spike: That's right.

Ducky: Your dad always blames everything on everyone in the Great Valley like Tall Tail,his grandparents, Doc, Mr.Thicknose and all of us us!

Petrie: Plus, he's chased off my uncle Pterano after he saved Ducky after she was kidnapped when we were little!

Spike: Uh-huh!

Chomper: When I was little, he made fun of my arms for being so little!

Tippy: Oh, and worst, it's his fault that Spike and I were forbidden to play with each other, cause he had that fight with my leader and we almost got in trouble when he didn't want to share with my herd like everyone back in the Great Valley!

Ruby: I never liked him anyway and I'm glad he's dead!

Cera: You guys are really starting to upset me.

Chomper: You know what? She doesn't belong with us anymore. She belongs to her long lost siblings!

Spike: And why are still hanging out with her? We forbid ourselves.

Tippy: You hear that, Cera? We forbid ourselves to hang out with you, and your siblings!

Ducky: And hears one last thing: Sharptooth, Swimmers, Flyers, Spiketails, Fast Runners and Longnecks are no longer friends with Threehorns anymore!

Ruby: Come on, guys. We are leaving this valley.

Chomper: Away from these threehorns!

Spike: Hold up. Tip and I forgot to give Horin something for his father did.

Tippy: Yeah. Shall we?



Chomper: Now, let's go.


Hornberto: Wait, guys. Please don't go.

Styraco: Yeah we need you guys.

Chasmi: Well can work this out.

Ruby: It's too late now. We're outta here.

Tippy: We're tIred of everyone ignoring us.

Spike: Yeah. We quit.

Ducky: And we never ever want to see Cera ever again.

Petrie: And don't bother looking for us. We never want to come here again.

Chomper: Now thanks to Cera, I still have a bad nose that can't find Tall Tail or lead us back to the Great Valley. We're now outcasts from our home.

Ruby: goodbye and good riddance.


Punishment Forever (Horin and the others looking for Chomper and the others)

Horin:We got to find them and fast

Hornberto:Yeah, and better do it before Mr.Kosmos finds out.

Mr.Kosmos (off screen):Find out?

Horin: Oh, Mr.Kosmos.

Mr.Kosmos: What happen, Horin? Did Cera's friends quit?

Horin: No,no. Uh...they quickly went to get some late night snack for us.

Hornberto:Yeah, it's not like we made them mad for using to track Red Foot and leaving Tall Tail out. Oh!

Mr.Kosmos: What did you say? Don't lie to me.

Frilla: He said our sister's friends are mad at us for using them and leaving Tall Tail out.

Mr.Kosmos: You've been using them?! Horin, I told you to let Cera's friends help, and you used them and left Tall Tail out and had all of them leave our valley.

Horin: But, Mr.Kosmos.....

Mr.Kosmos: No buts. I've gave you a chance and you blew it. Do you have any ideas what you have done? You'very teared the herd apart.

(Trayson and the others show up)

Trayson: Oh, someone's in trouble.

Mr. Kosmos: I'm sorry, Horin, but I'm afraid you leave me no choice. You, your siblings and friends but Cera are all on punishment forever.

(Cera gasp)

(Horin gasp)

Mr.Kosmos: Now, all of you, march home and stay put. You're forbidden from leaving, and forbidden to patrol. Now if you excuse me, I have a meeting.


Horin: We let Mr. Kosmos down.


Tandi: I know you've tried to impress Mr.Kosmos, Horin. I'm sorry.




Mr.Kosmos: now, listen, everyone, one of us has teared the herd apart. It was Horin and the others. They use our guest and left Tall Tail out and had them leave the valley. Horin and his siblings and friends but Cera are all on punishment forever.

(Music Playing) Clubtail: It's serves him right.

Hooter: Yeah I knew he was a trouble maker

Maiasaurua: Good riddance.



They're the worst

They're disgrace

They're always getting in someone's way

They're the worst

They're outrage

They're disgrace

They're for shame

They never let the guests help them out

They're the worst

They're outrage

They're disgrace

They're for shame

We don't like them

They're always getting in someone's way


They're the worst

They're outrage

They're disgrace

They're for shame

We don't like them

They never let the guests help them out

Cause we never want to see them roaming around

Causing trouble

Doing bad things

Upsetting us

We never want to see them ever ever again

Cause they are not one of us

They have never been one of us

They are not one of us

Never Again

They even once lied to us

Now we'll never want them

Cause they're always causing trouble

And we don't want them around us

(FEMALE SINGER):They are not one of us


They're the worst

They're disgrace

(Musical Humming)

Oh oh

They're the worst

They're disgrace


They're the worst

(MUSIC FADES) (Horin and the others sadly stayed at their place while Brighterra watches them and fade away)




Chomper: (WEAKLY SNIFFING) It's finally happen. I'm become a failure like Tall Tail.

Ruby: Chomper, don't talk like that.

Petrie: What's the point, Ruby? Look at us.

Spike: Yeah. We've become from home, cause we can't find our way back.

Tippy: Yeah, thanks to you know who.

Ducky: Yup, yup, yup. It's her fault we're out here.

Ruby: It doesn't matter, guys. As long we have each other.

Petrie: Yeah. Group hag.





Chomper: Ducky?

Ducky: Yeah?

Chomper: Would you tell us where to find those eggs?

Ducky: Oppsy....


Ducky: I am so, so, so, sorry. I thought they were abandoned.


Littlefoot Doesn't like Threehorns Anymore

(Littlefoot (Tall Tail) trying to reach to treestars but couldn't get one, and Cera found him and talk to him.)

Cera: There you are. I've been looking for you.

Littlefoot: what do you want?

Cera; What do I want? You know how long I was looking for you.

Littlefoot: Why were you looking for me? Should be off tracking that rouge longneck, Red Foot?

Cera: No, cause I can't do this by myself, cause it's your fault Chomper, Ruby and the others have quit and left the Forest Valley cause they think my brother, Horin and my siblings and their friends have been using them.

Littlefoot: Why was that brother of yours using my herd for?

Cera: Look, never mind that. You're coming back to help me track down Red Foot.

Littlefoot: No. I'm done. I'm not helping anymore, cause you'll get in my way and everyone will ignore me.

Cera: You don't even have a choice! You're gonna help me get rid of the rogue, and that's that!

(Littlefoot turned around and Yelled.)

Littlefoot: No! No, no, no, no, no, no, no! I'm not helping you anymore, understand?! It's always been about you! Everyone knows who you are, who you're related to, and I don't like it!

Cera: Don't you dare talk to me that way!

Littlefoot: I don't care! And I don't like you anymore, cause what you did is get in my way when I tried to stop Red Foot like you back at the Great Valley when you got the first tree sweet off the tree I found and teased me like you did last time when we were little!

Cera: Littlefoot, how dare you---

Littlefoot: And don't call me Littlefoot anymore! I'm done with that name! I don't like that name anymore! I never wanna use it anymore! This has gone to far! I don't like threehorns anymore! I don't like your father, your brother and your other siblings, and most of all I don't you anymore! And I never wanna see you again! So go away!

(Cera was shocked and Littlefoot turn around away from her and Cera sniff and the her tears come out.)

Cera: How could you say that to me? (SNIFF SNIFF) You're not the same Littlefoot I know anymore....(SNIFF AND CRYING)

(Cera runs away crying while Littlefoot stays angry.)

(Friends Are No More by Trisha Yearwood)

(Cera is still running and then stop while crying.)

Cera: (SNIFF) The Littlefoot I know is gone and it's all my fault.Now I don't have friends anymore...and Littlefoot hates me..... (SNIFFING AND CRYING)

(And then she walk away while crying.)

Littfoot vs Red Foot

Littlefoot aim for Red Foot's foot and breaks it with his tail

[cracking sound]


Littlefoot knocks Red Foot to the ground and bites him on the neck while every saw what he did to his foot

Trayson: Wow! He aimed for his foot! Smart thinking that's to that sharptooth!

Littlefoot biting Red Foot toss him to the ground a push him harder closer the edge of the cliff


Red Foot charge at Littlefoot, but Littlefoot hits him harder with his tail knocking some of his teeth out and on the the ground

(THUD) (Red Foot knocked to the ground)

Littlefoot (GROWLING) Grabbing Red Foot's neck with his mouth and drags him and tossed him over the cliff and into the crevasse


Littlefoot tossed Red Foot into the crevasse


Littlefoot (ROARING) After defeating Red Foot

Chomper and the gang wounded by Red Foot arrived and saw what Littlefoot did and walks to him and see the crevasse Red Foot fell in

Chomper: Buddy, you beat him.

Littlefoot: I sure did. He's gone for good.

Mr.Kosmo:(OFF SCREEN) What on earth is going on?!

(Littlefoot and the gang turns their heads towards Mr. Kosmos)

(Mr. Kosmos angrily walking towards Horin)

Mr. Kosmos: Horin! Star explaining right now!

Horin: Uhhhh…..

(Cera walking towards Mr. Kosmos)

Cera: It's my fault, Mr. Kosmos. I talked them out of it, cause I needed their help to save my friend.

Mr. Kosmos: Hm (turning towards Horin) So you been told.

Horin: Yes.

Two Horn: Mr. Komsos, look! It's Red Foot' teeth. They've been knocked out.

(Littlefoot is Littlefoot again)

Mr. Kosmos: What in Saurus Rock happen to Red Foot?

Trayson: Littlefoot must've beaten him. He figure out how to beat Red Foot by aiming for his foot, cause he knew his foot would be a distraction when one of us gets scratch, and now he did a distraction on him by breaking his foot and sending him down into the crevasse. You did it, Littlefoot. You beaten that rouge.

Littlefoot: Funny, I feel more I let my herd to get hurt.

Trayson: Thanks to your herd, and especially your Sharptooth friend, Chomper, who bravely stood up to that rouge, you're a hero.


Tad:(Off screen) No! No, no, no! Hold it! Cera's the one who suppose to beat that rouge! (pushing the two horns out of the way) (On screen) Not him! He hurt her feelings! He's a threehorn hater!

Mr.Nammer: Hey, hold it, Tad! Littlefoot may have gotten mad at Cera for what she did to him, but he's not a Threehorn hater anymore, cause we're thanking him and his herd for what they did for us.

(Tad nodding his head)

Two Horn: Uh, he's right, Tad. You must've made Cera's friends jealous to much. And you're the one who tear the herd apart, not Horin, cause you had him messed up. And you're the reason they were outside of our valley cause you let them get attack by Red Foot.

(Tad angryly turned his head to)

Littlefoot: And then the reason I was so mad right after Cera tease me, you've laughed and made fun of me cause of my name and my size!

Tad: What..wha....what are you talking about?

Mr. Kosmos: Tearing the herd apart by making them jealous of Cera?(Mr. Kosmos angrly walking towards Tad) And laughing making fun of Littlefoot? So that's why he didn't like his name anymore! And that explains why Cera's friends broke up with her! I should have known you're the cause of this! No ones that jealous and funny!

Tad: But, but, but, but, Mr. Kosmos, sir, Littlefoot's name is really funny.

Mr. Kosmos: No it's not, it's mean! We like Littlefoot's name just the way it is, and what I don't like is when someone like you making fun of him! I'll deal with you later, Tad! (Mr.Kosmos bumps Tad and walks to Horin and apologize) Horin, I own you and the others an apology. You were right along.

Horin: I guess you do believe me.

Mr. Kosmos: And young ones good job for working together to weak Red Foot long enough. We own you all our life when you all led him out.

Ducky: Really? Oh thank you, thank you, Mr. Kosmos.

Mr. Kosmos: And, Chomper, boy, your kind will be so jealous when they hear a friendly sharptooth bravely stood up to a rogue longneck.

Chomper: Really? Well how about that, guys.

Mr. Kosmos: And, Littlefoot, all the dinosaurs in all they will hear what you did, son.

Littlefoot: What'd I do?

You've saved all of your kinds and all the valleys by getting rid of that monster for us. If it haven been for you and your friends, we all be dead.

Mr. Nammer: Yep, and you so had us worried. Glad you're still alive when we found ya.

Littlefoot: I had all of you worried.

Mr. Nammer: You know everyone I just want everyone to get along let Littlefoot and his friends.

Mr. Kosmos : Well today's your lucky day Mr. Nammer. How would you to take Tad's place as the new Attended Leader?

Finally! I get to work with an elderly

Mr. Nammer: Really? Well it would be my honor.

Tad: (SHOCKED) Wh wh.... what?! You can't replace me with him! He's to old! I earned that job!

Mr. Kosmos: Not anymore. You're no longer the Attended Leader. (Walking away from Tad) Now everyone meet your new Attendend Leader, Mr. Nammer.


Mr. Kosmos: Now let's head back to the valley.

Mr.Nammer: Hold it. Before we go, Tad has caused enough trouble for Littlefoot and his friends and Horin and his friends and family. He's not to set foot in our valley anymore. It's time he be exiled forever.

Mr. Kosmos: Very well. (Walkinging toward Tad) Tad Two-Horn for tearing the herd apart by making them jealous of Cera, and for making fun of Littlefoot, you are banished from the Forest Valley and you are never to come back ever!

Tad: But, you can't do this me! Please give me another chance...

Littlefoot: You heard him! You're out and you lose something too.

Tad: Like what?

(Littlefoot knocks Tad's horns off to the ground with his tail)

Tad: Ah! My horns! Mr. Kosmos, Littlefoot broke my horns!

Mr. Kosmos: Well that's what you get for making fun of him. Not only you lost your job, but you lose your horns. Two Horns, get him out of here and take him to an old friend of mine.

Two Horn: Oh, you get to work with Mr. Torsos.

Two Horn 2: Yeah, he got plans for you. Now let's go.

Tad: No! Not Mr. Torsos! Please, Mr. Kosmos! Give me another chance please!(Off screen) Mr. Kosmos!!