The Land Before Time All Grown Up X: The Longneck Journey is a 2029 direct-to-video animated adventure musical drama film and the tenth film in the Land Before Time All Grown Up series.


Littlefoot (Elijah Wood) had a dream which involve a herd of longnecks heading to A place where all different kinds of longecks go to a place with a rock that shapes like a longneck called the Land of Longnecks.

In the morning, Littlefoot and Ducky (Tara Strong) were playing tag and Ducky tried to get him but failed and then she tried to get Petrie (Tom Kenny) but Petrie flew too fast and she tried to get Spike (Mitchell Whitfield) and Tippy (Rickey D'Shon Collins) when they were eating treestars but Spike and Tippy ducked and Ducky falls on the ground and when she saw Chomper (James Arnold Taylor) and Ruby (Grey Delisle) she tries to tag them but when Chomper smells her behind them he warns  Ruby that Ducky is gonna tag them from behind and then moved. Ducky spots Cera (Hayden Panetiere) eating and tries to tag her, but Cera knows she was gonna tag her. When Ducky see Littlefoot she chase him in order to tag him. When Littlefoot stopped he saw two longnecks coming into the Great Valley and Ducky triedly tag him. Littlefoot told his friends that he see longnecks coming into the valley and went down to see them.

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