The Land Before Time  All Grown Up IV: The Amazing Journey is a 2022 theatrical animated film, directed by Charles Grosvenor.


Elijah Wood

Hayden Panettiere

Tara Strong

Tom Kenny

Mitchell Whitfield

Rickey D'Shon Collins

James Arnold Taylor

Grey DeLisle

Reese Witherspoon

Elijah Wood as Littlefoot

Hayden Panettiere as Cera

Tara Strong as Ducky

Tom Kenny as Petrie

Mitchell Whitfield as Spike

Rickey D'Shon Collins as Tippy

James Arnold Taylor as Chomper

Grey Delisle as Ruby

Reese Witherspoon as Ali

John Goodman as Archie


In the beginning, it was a beautiful day in the Great Valley while Littlefoot who tagged Cera tricking her to bump into the tree causing the tree stars to fall and Littlefoot tagged Ducky who was in the water having her think it was Cera and Ducky tried to get her, but Cera told her it was Littlefoot and they both chased him in order to tag him back and Petrie joins in the fun along with Spike and Tippy and as the gang tried to tag Littlefoot, Petrie and Ducky fell off the log and on the ground and were tied up but was untied by Chomper and Ruby and when they continued to tag Littlefoot, they notice that Hyp, Mutt, and Nod were running from a bad tempered Domehead (Pachycephalosaurus) and they gang slide down the hill and they all manage to tag Littlefoot until they saw their old friend from the past Archie (an Archelon) and brought him to the place where he meets Guido, Tickles, Skip and Mo even Hino and Nable and Hyp, Mutt, and Nod who manage to get away from the Domehead and notice that the herd of Dinosaurs are coming into the Great Valley and Mr. Thicknose knows the herd from the valley he's been to and told them that their home was threated by Rogues including their greedy leader Crest Gron.

As dawn came, the gang head to their home, and at night, Littlefoot gets a sleep story of the past when he met Ali and the year she and her herd left the Great Valley with Rhett and their herd and woke up in the morning and notice that the others wear all sleep storying about Ali as well and wear wondering if she grown up as they are.

Later in the morning, Ali and her old led by the Old One arrived to the Great Valley after hearing something about the Rogues and Ali and her furry friend (Cimolestes) named Cima have been thinking if Littlefoot and his friends are still around while the Old One meets Mr. Thicknose and Triar ( a Einosaurus).

Later Crest Gron and the rouge dinosaurs (Secodontosaurus) came searching to attack other dinosaurs but some of them was interfered by Littlefoot and starts chasing him but was stopped by Chomper and they start to get them, but Littlefoot takes down one of them with a log causing one to his death and when the rogues came they notice that one of them is dead and the rogues told them that it was Littlefoot who took him down and vile revenge to get him and his friend Chomper soon.

Meanwhile, The Old One, Mr. Thicknose and Triar heared that one of the rogues are dead thinking that it could be one member of the Old One's herd that cause on them dead and Ali thinks it could be Littlefoot but doesn't know that it was him.

Later, at dawn Littlefoot and the other have to be careful when the rogues are around in their valley.

The next day, the dinosaur start to have a meeting to do something about the rogues roaming around in the valley while Ali began her search to she if Littlefoot and his friends are around with Cima while the rogues began to strike the Old One and the dinosaur while they're having a meeting and Littlefoot and his friend were on their way to the see what the meeting is all about but then see the same rogue that Littlefoot and Chomper encountered and Ducky got them exposed when she stomp on a stick on the ground and the rogues starts chasing them and the gang were chased out of their home when they fell into the river and caused them to be swept away.

When Ali wonders around to find Littlefoot and the gang, she saw Archie and Tickles that she haven't seen in a while and notice that the rogues chased them out of the Great Valley and Ali starts to worry and begin to look for them with Tickle's help.

After being far away from the Great Valley, Littlefoot, Cera, Ducky, Petrie, Spike, Tippy, Chomper, and Ruby find themselves stranded in a forest and tries to find their back to the valley as they begin their journey and back at the Great Valley the Old One notice Ali disappeared and then Crest Gron made her very ill along with Mr.Thicknose and Triar so they can't stop him and his pack and starts taking over the Great Valley and Mo sent of to find Littlefoot and the others while Ali and Tickles and Cima found one of Ruby's feathers knowing that they were going to find their way back to the valley.

Later Crest Gron and his pack wants to make sure that Littlefoot and his friends never come back by hiring Sarco and float of rogue belly draggers (sarocosucus) to track them down.

Later that night the gang stop and rest to gain their streath to move on tomorrow so they can move on.

In the morning back at the Great Valley the rogues notice that Ali. a member of the Old One's herd has disappeared and Crest Gron thinks she ran away.

While trying to find their way back, the gang stopped to eat something until Chomper smells something coming their way and thinking it could be a rouge, and was attack but Littlefoot came to the rescue a pins the rouge but it turns out to be Ali and Ali was happy to see him, and Chomper and the gang along with Cima and Tickles and Mo arrived to warn them about the rogues taking over their valley and the Old One and Mr. Thicknose and Triar were very ill so they traveled to the Land of Mist to get the night flowers like the ones they use to make Littlefoot's grandpa feel better when he was illed.

As they come across the river like the place where Ali saved Cera, they notice everything has changed over the past years and then encountered the Rogue Belly Draggers who finally tracked them down and they managed to lose them.

The gang were able to make it to shore away from the rogues and then remembers the past they been to and kept going straight to the mist while the belly draggers tries to catch up to them.

As the gang finally arrived to the land of the Mist they notice that it's all changed and found all the night flowers and start to head back to the valley but the belly draggers finally caught them and they gave the night flowers to Tickles and Cima to take them back to the valley with Mo's help and Littlefoot told Ali to take the others into hiding while he and Chomper deals with two of the belly draggers and they managed to beat them and head straight towards the others in a cave and they head straight to the back but was block by Sarco and tries to head to the front but the rogues are blocking it as well, and Sarco blocks the cave with rocks with tail trapping the gang forcing them to come to him and his float in the front but the gang and were able to escape from the cave when Cera charged at the rocks causing it to be unblocked, and the belly draggers starts chasing them and the gang were able to get them off their backs when Littlefoot and Chomper breaks the log causing them to fall into the water where they were being chased by a tempered swimming longneck (Mauisaurus) and the gang start to head back to the valley.

As the gang return to the Great Valley, they see all the rogues taking over and comes up with a plan to get them out.

When the rogues were about to eat the new borns, Chomper use himself as bait to draw them away from them and the rogues starts chasing him while the others deal with the other rogues to save their home by leading them out while Ali along Tickles and Cima and Archie free Hyp Mutt and Nod so they can them free everyone.

Meanwhile, Chomper was still running from the rogues while leading out of the Great Valley and got rid of one of them when he led them a tar pit and sliding down a hill and made one of them fall off a cliff and Littlefoot and the others are still being perused by Crest Gron and his rogues and go separate ways.

Back in the valley Ali and the others were able to free everyone and Ali set off to find Littlefoot and the others.

Later, Cera and Ducky were being cornered by the rogues but then we're saved by Spike and Tippy and the gang were able to beat them with Petrie's help when they led them to the edge of the cliff that was able to break down and fall off the cliff caused the rogues to be dead.

Meanwhile, Chomper caused the rogues to be dead when one of the rogues tries to bite him and bit a very old tree that fell on them and then led them into the canyon where he starts climbing out and cause all the rocks and boulders to fall on them.

Later, Littlefoot is being chased by Crest Gron and ended up at the edge in the forest where they fight and Crest Gron meets his death when Littlefoot hit him off the cliff and got strangled in one of the vines at the bottom.

The gang were reunited and head back to the valley to recover Mr.Thicknose, the Old One and Triar with the night flowers and the elder dinosaurs are fully recovered.

The next day after the rogues are defeated Triar and his head head back to their home and the Old One and her herd were ready to leave the Great Valley and the gang are really gonna miss Ali and Ali is hope to see them again someday including Littlefoot and Littlefoot was to tell her that Cera found someone interesting but Cera couldn't let him tell and told Ali that Chomper has a crush on a female friendly sharptooth like Tiara and Chomper pinched her when he got embarrassed and the gang say goodbye to her and Coma and the Old One as the herd moved on and the gang will see her again soon when she and herd visit.