The Land Before Time  All Grown Up III:The Lost is a 2021 theatrical animated film, directed by Charles Grosvenor.



The Land Before Time All Grown UpEditEdit


Charles Grosvenor


Daniel J. Wiley

executive producer Edit

Steven Spielberg


Judy Freudberg (story) Tony Geiss (story) Stu Krieger (screenplay) John K. Carr (editing) Dan Molina (editing)


Elijah Wood

Hayden Panetiere

Tara Strong

Tom Kenny

Mitchell Whitfield

Rickey D'Shon Collins

James Arnold Taylor

Grey Delisle


Phil CollinsEhsan ImaniLord Hurnon


John K. Carr
Dan Molina

production company

Amblin Entertainment


Universal Pictures


July 23, 2021 (United States of America)


1 hour 25 minutes


United States


English (original)


$12,300,000 (estimated)






The Land Before Time All Grown Up II The Great Adventures (2020)



In the middle of the dry season, Littlefoot and the gang having a good time playing in the water with Mo but Hino doesn't want to get to close until a huge earthshake cause all the water to disappear and the gang gets separated from their home and set out to find what happen to all the water.

While the gang set out to find the water, Mr. Thicknoses has a meeting with the Great Valley dinosaurs to find out what cause the water to disappear from their valley.

As the gang begin their adventure to find the source of their water disappearing, they notice that it's not just their valley that lost the water, but all the valleys lost all the water, and continue to slove the problem.

When they enter the forest, they encountered a angry One Horn (Sinoceratops) that doesn't like anyone in his territory and Littlefoot got badly wounded, and the gang manage to escape through safe and Littlefoot is still wounded.

After leaving the one horn's territory, they entered a huge crater where some of the dinosaurs are and knows that the water was gone too, and then they search the valley to find water and were able to find a watering hole so they can drink and then encountered 3 narrow horns (Einiosaurus) and had help from a green male three horn (Triceratops) named Sparky who has a scar on his forehead and gets laughed at some of the dinosaurs that teased him and Cera has a crash on him and then the gang were caught by the narrow horns and took them to their leaders led by Iguanda (an iguanodon) and were attacked by rogue four legged sailed back sharpteeth (Dimentrodon) and they rogues left and Torra (Torosaurus) blames Sparky and Littlefoot and his friends for leading them in the valley.

Outside of the crater, the rogues tell their leader Trake (a dimentrodon with a scar on his mouth) about Sparky being friends with Littlefoot and his friends and will get them soon.

Back at the Great Valley, Hino leads Hyp, Mutt, Nod, Guido, Skip, and Tickles and Mo (who is carried by Mutt) on a search to go find Littlefoot and his friends.

In the morning, the gang notice that all the less water is drying fast and continued to find the all the water for all the valleys before all the dinosaurs starve to death with the help from two outcast dinosaurs like Clubber the club tail and Runni the beaked fast runner (Pelecanimimus) who stood up for Sparky before the crater dinosaurs find out that they went off.

As the gang follow the dried up trail they meet a quill tailed dinosaur (Psittacosaurus) named Quill who was stuck on a tree that fell to the cliff and Spike and Tippy saved him before the tree fell into pit and Quill joins them to find the water.

Meanwhile the rogues notice that Littlefoot and the others have gone to get water and began to go after them

As the gang stop to eat, Chomper meets a lost dinosaur that looks like Hino and discovered a lake full of water that hasn't dried up and the gang came to cool themselves down and encountered the rogues and were managed escape from them.

Later Hino and the others are still searching for Littlefoot and the gang and entered the territory of the One Horn that Littlefoot and the gang encountered and were able to get away.

Suddenly a huge black cloud cause lighting to start a fire and Littlefoot and the others notice that it's spreading fast because of the dry season and tries to get to higher ground and the crater dinosaurs have to leave their home because of the fire coming their way and wants Torra everyone to follow him but he was heading the wrong way cause the fire was blocking the path out and Stryranno wants him to listen and follow him the way out to be safe from the fire.

Later, after escaping from the fire, Littlefoot and the others find the path where the water is coming and finds out that it was being blocked by lots and lots of big rocks and was reunited with Mo, Guido, Skip, Tickles, and Hyp ,Mutt and Nod and Hino and then encountered a pack of feathered armed fast biters (Pyroraptors) and Sparky and the outcasts hold them off while Littlefoot and the others head to free the water.

When the gang came to free the water, they encountered the rogue four legged sharpteeth and start to fight them with the help of the little dinosaur Chomper met and Sparky and the others came while being chased by the fast biters, and during the fight, Guido, Skip and Tickles tries to move all the rocks out of the way with Hino's help and the little dinosaur and Mo tries to move the others underwater and Chomper,and Hyp and his Buddies were able to move all the rocks and then the water starts coming out causing it to flood and the gang and the rouges got caught in it and fast biters got swept away.

The gang and their friends manage to get to dry land while the rogues meet their ends as some of them with down a water fall and Littlefoot and Trake were on the Tree Branch at the edge of the water and Littlefoot defeated Trake and managed to swim towards shore while Trake goes over the water and the tree branch caused him his death and he meets up with the others while all of the water goes towards all the valleys.

While the herd watches their home getting burn in the fire they see the water heading toward it and cools all of it down and they have Littlefoot and Sparky and their friends to thank for all they done.

As they gang head back to the Crater, the dinosaurs thanks them for getting all the water back and respected them and Littlefoot made Sparky the leader of his own gang and say goodbye to them as they head home back to the Great Valley and Cera was about to miss him and after bumping into him.

When the gang return home, they see that all the water has return to valley and all the dinosaurs were all happen to drink it and Chomper decided to name the little dinosaur Nable cause Nable was able to help the gang and Cera was thinking about seeing Sparky again someday and the gang thinks Cera has a crush on him and the gang heads toward the watering to drink and cool down has the dry season ends.