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The Land Before Time All Grown Up II: The Great AdventuresEdit


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Comments0 The Land Before Time  All Grown Up is a 2020 theatrical animated film, directed by Charles Grosvenor.

The Great Valley Adventure focuses on the experiences of the characters Littlefoot, Cera, Ducky, Petrie and Spike, Tippy, Chomper, and Ruby after they have returned in the Great Valley after being gone over the past years.


[h All Grown Up

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The Land Before Time All Grown Up II The Great AdventuresEditEdit


Judy Freudberg (story) Tony Geiss (story) Stu Krieger (screenplay) John K. Carr (editing) Dan Molina (editing)


Elijah Wood

Hayden Panetiere

Tara Strong

Tom Kenny

Mitchell Whitfield

Rickey D'Shon Collins

James Arnold Taylor 

Grey Delisle


Phil CollinsEhsan ImaniLord Hurnon


John K. Carr
Dan Molina

production company

Amblin Entertainment


Universal Pictures


June 19, 2020 (United States of America)


1 ho1 hour 38 minutes


United States


English (original)


$12,300,000 (estimated)




The Land Before Time All Grown Up III: The Lost Land(2021)





2 years after coming back to the Great Valley, Littlefoot and his friends began their new life together, and begin to hear about rogue dinosaurs in valleys and the Mysterious Beyond while their folks leave them together with Mr. Thicknose cause they can take care of themselves and Littlefoot promise to look out for them.

After their folks left the valley, the gang tour around the valley to remember their past years when they were young like when they got into like almost sinking in the sinking sand showed Ruby and Tippy to the place where Chomper was hatched from his egg when they found him in the Mysterious Beyond when they mistaken him as Ducky's mother's eggs that was stolen from the egg thieves from their past and began a better life together living together in the Great Valley.

Later in the different part of the Mysterious Beyond, a pack of Rogue Egg Stealers (Ornithomimus) led by Ranja notice that all the dinosaurs have return back to the Great Valley, and plans to go after some eggs and eat them at night time while some of them including Tuka were trying to find the young female sharptooth that doesn't eat other dinosaurs and got away.

At night time the Egg Stealers led by Tovu came to the Great Valley while Littlefoot and the gang meet at his home knowing what they might do someday when outsiders come until they saw the egg thieves heading for the eggs to get and rush to stop them.

As Tovu, Tuka and the pack were about to take the eggs from the nest they got caught by Littlefoot and the gang and starts running without taking on of the eggs and the gang went after them to make sure they leave the valley but when the enter the Mysterious Beyond, they got caught in a rock slide after Cera charged at the egg thieves and got separated from them.

When the gang entered the Fire Canyon trying to get the path that leads to the Great Valley, they encountered Ranja and his pack who ambushed them until the notice that the smoking mountain (volcano) is spreading the floating fire (lava) and it was heading towards them and tries to escape, but now being chased by the rogues. As they made it the path, the notice it's at the other side of the edges and Littlefoot pushes down a tree that's longer so they could cross it and hold off the rogues by hitting rocks at them, and when the gang made to the other side of the edges, Littlefoot starts crossing the tree but Tovu was about to get him ,before Littlefoot hit him off with his tail sending down to his death, and Tuka catches up to him so he could kill him, but he was knocked away from him before Littlefoot pushes the tree off edge sending it along with Tuka to the bottom, and the gang was able to escape through the canyon, and The rogues lost track of them and lost two members of their pack and vows revenge on them.