The Land Before Time  All Grown Up is a 2019 theatrical animated film, directed by Charles Grosvenor. The film will be released by Amblin Entertainment and Universal Pictures, it features anthropomorphic dinosaurs living in a somewhat fantasy-based version of prehistoric earth. The plot concerns Littlefoot who is a all grown teenage Longneck who travels back to the Great Valley on his own by his father, Bron, and his grandparents while the begin migrating with other longnecks. On his journey, he meets his old friends who are also grown up Chomper, a teenage Tyrannosaurus ; Ruby, a teenage Oviraptor; Spike and Tippy, two teenage Stegosaurs;  Petrie, a teenage PteranodonDucky, a teenage Parasaurolophus;  and Cera, a teenage Triceratops. The film explores issues of Littlefoot and his friend travelling back to the Great Valley after being gone for years and are being tracked by a Gorgosaurus. 

    • The Land Before Time All Grown Up
    • director
    • Charles Grosvenor
    • producer
    • Daniel J. Wiley
    • executive producer
    •  Steven Spielberg
    • writer
    • Judy Freudberg (story)

Tony Geiss (story) Stu Krieger (screenplay) John K. Carr (editing) Dan Molina (editing)

    • starring
    • Elijah Wood
    • Hayden Panettiere
    • Tara Strong
    • Tom Kenny
    • Mitchell Whitfield
    • Rickey D'Shon Collins
    • James Arnold Taylor 
    • Grey Delisle
    • music
    • Phil CollinsEhsan ImaniLord Hurnon
    • editing
    • John K. Carr
      Dan Molina
    • production company
    • Amblin Entertainment
    • distributor
    • Universal Pictures
    • released
    • July 12, 2019 (United States of America)
    • runtime
    • 1 hour 45 minutes
    • country
    • United States
    • language
    • English (original)
    • budget
    • $12,300,000 (estimated)
    • rating
    • PG
    • preceded_by
    • None
    • followed_by
    • ☀The Land Before Time All Grown Up II The Great Adventures
    • imdb_id
    • 0095489


After leaving the Great Valley Littlefoot and his friends gone separate their ways with their folks while Chomper who has gone into the Mysterious Beyond to know every weakness of his kind and Ruby who began her search for her family.

In a crater where longnecks saved the world, Littlefoot (Felix Avitia) and his Grandparents (Miriam Flynn and Barry Bostwick) have been around with his Bron (Kiefer Sutherland) and his adopted brother Shorty () along with Sue (Bernadette Peters) her boyfriend and Pat (James Garner) and he and Shorty were about to do the longneck test together.

After the longneck test was over they head for a place where Bron's herd is and help out other led other longnecks to be safe, and over the past years when they were in the valley, Littlefoot (Elijah Wood) and Shorty (Jason Raize) have grown into teenagers and when they were ready to migrate to other places Bron, and Grandma and Grandpa send Littlefoot back to the Great Valley on his own to lead his own herd he misses.

When Littlefoot was travel to places he's been to get back to the Great Valley, he stopped at a placd where he encountered and Rogue Sharptooth (Gorgosaurus) and was able to escape by jumping into the river where he was drifted away and washed ashore and continues to travel.

In the morning, Littlefoot heard something near him, and he fears it could be the Sharptooth he escaped from, but it turns out to be his old friend, Chomper (James Arnold Taylor) who is also grown as a teenager and traveled together like old times.

When Littlefoot and Chomper entered a forest, Chomper smells something close to them and saw a shadowy dinosaurs running from them and when they followed it they were attack and the shadowy turns out to be an angry Fast Runner (Oviraptor) and when the Fast Runner was about to kill Chomper, Chomper notice the Fast Runner to be Ruby (Grey Delisle) who is grown up and Ruby was surprise to see him and Littlefoot again and told them that her family were looking for her when a Rogue Sharptooth chased them out of the Mysterious Beyond.

While traveling together, they discovered footprints that came from a huge herd of dinosaurs and encountered to Spiketails (Stegosaurus) who turns out to be Spike (Mitchell Whitefield) who is able to talk, and his friend, Tippy (Rickey D'Shon Collins) along with his mother (Susan Krebs) and the herd of Spiketails and their leader (Rob Paulsen) who allowed Littlefoot and the other to join when Chomper told them about the Rogue Sharptooth and travel and Tippy told them that the Great Valley has changed and has enough room for all dinosaurs including his herd who are living there.

Meanwhile the rogue sharptooth that Littlefoot escape from began to track him down and he knows he's not alone.

Later, Littlefoot and his friends along with Tippy's herd stopped and rest to eat while he and the others find something to eat together and then encounters a young flyer (Pteranodon) who happens to be their friend Petrie (Tom Kenny) who was hiding from his new born brothers and sisters