This is the episode of the TV Series where it is finally revealed how Chomper met Ruby and why Red Claw, Screech, and Thud are after them. It also is the first appearance of Chomper's parents since The Mysterious Island.










Red Claw



Papa Sharptooth (Magnus)

Mama Sharptooth (Tyra)

Ruby's Mother (Ovi)

Ruby's Father (Tor)

Grandpa Longneck

Grandma Longneck

Paris (Ruby's brother)

Calypso (Ruby's sister)


Mrs. Maia



Friends (New)



Littlefoot and his friends were talking with Ruby's parents. They had gone to the Mysterious Beyond. "What have you learned?" asked Ruby's father Tor.

"We have learned some things. Sharpteeth don't like Tree Sweets.  We drove off Red Claw with some of them. “said Ruby.

"I could have told you that." said Chomper, shaking his head. "We are learning more and more about the Great Valley. They don't seem to mind being with different kinds.   "

"That is good. Wish it were so out here." said Ruby's mother Ovi.

Ruby hugged her parents goodbye and then they headed back toward the Great Valley. However, along the way, they came across two Sharpteeth. The group was a bit uneasy at first. "Sharpteeth!" cried Ducky in fright.

Ruby, however, soon recognized the Sharpteeth. Hello Magnus and Tyra. said Ruby in Sharptooth.

Hello Mom and Dad. said Chomper.

Hello Chomper.  How are you doing?  asked Chomper’s father Magnus.

I am doing fine.  Wish we could beat Red Claw though.  I saw the Great Valley chase him off once.  said Chomper.

How did they beat him?  asked Chomper’s mother Tyra.

Littlefoot’s grandpa and Cera’s dad worked together to fight him.   They threw Tree Sweets into his mouth.  said Chomper.

Wish I could have seen that.  said Magnus.

“Chomper, I’ve been meaning to ask, why exactly is Red Claw after you and Ruby?” Littlefoot said.

“He’s angrier with me than with Ruby.” Chomper replied.

“Why is that?” Cera asked.

“Because I hurt his eye.” Chomper replied.

“What happened?” Littlefoot asked.

“Well, you see….” Chomper said.

[Theme song: "All I see is the day in front of us. All I see is the day in front of us. Burning bright with a new-born sun. Burning bright with a new-born sun. Come follow me. Hills to climb and valleys to roam

Oh, streams to follow all the way home
To the Land Before Time
Before time."]

Some time ago, Chomper had been wandering around in the Mysterious Beyond.  He had been chasing two Tickly Fuzzies.  One had gotten away and the other he’d eaten.  He was still somewhat hungry and so was still looking for the other one.   Eventually, he spotted the little rodent.  Aha, I see you!  he said.  The creature ran.   He gave chase.   Eventually, he had it cornered against a cliff.   Right before he could leap at it, he saw a Fast Runner running by.

“Oh no, another one!” she cried.   Back!  Don’t hurt me!  she shouted at him, moving up her arms to shield herself.

I’m not going to hurt you. he said to her.  Her returned his focus to the Tickly Fuzzy that he’d cornered.  He picked it up.  It struggled but couldn’t break free.  He had the creature poised over his mouth and was just about to drop it into it when he heard something big stomping toward him.   What could that be?  he asked himself aloud.  He dropped the rodent into his mouth and snapped it shut.   The Fast Runner looked away in disgust.    He was about to bite into the creature when he saw a huge grey and tan colored Sharptooth with a brown stripe on his back and a huge scar on his face and across his right arm come into sight.    The Sharptooth moved toward the Fast Runner.   Chomper turned his gaze toward him.  

Please don’t eat me!  I do not want to be eaten.  she pleaded with the large Sharptooth.   Chomper saw that the Sharptooth was a Two Claw like himself.

There you are.   You’ll have to try harder than that to outrun Red Claw.   he laughed.  He turned and looked at Chomper The Fast Runner is mine.  I saw her first!  he snapped.

Chomper opened his mouth to reply.  The Tickly Fuzzy used the opportunity to leap out and run for it.  Can’t you let her go?  She’s just a kid.  Chomper asked the fierce-looking Sharptooth.  

No, she’s mine!  the Sharptooth snapped.   He advanced toward the Fast Runner, who backed away from him.

He moved forward toward her.  Please don’t eat me!   If I am eaten, I will not be around to get older and I would like to grow up!  the Fast Runner pleaded.

Chomper felt sorry for her.    If she’d been an adult, he would have let the Sharptooth get her.   It was no use in taking food from a Sharptooth.   While he himself didn’t eat Flatteeth or Bothteeth, he knew that his parents did and so understood to let nature have its way.   As it was, the Fast Runner was just a child.  It didn’t seem right.  

The Sharptooth moved in front of the Fast Runner, his mouth open, his maw dripping saliva.   “Oh no!  I can’t look!” the Fast Runner cried, covering her eyes.  

CHOMP!  Chomper bit the Sharptooth in the tail!  The Sharptooth turned around to glare at him, snarling in anger.   What are you doing, you insolent Little Biter?    I said that the Fast Runner is mine!

Chomper replied I don’t think you should eat a kid.

I’ll do as I please!  the Sharptooth snapped.

Chomper threw a rock at him.  CONK!  The rock smacked him right between the eyes   Pick on somebody your own size, you big bully!  Chomper shouted at him.

You little brat!  the Sharptooth snarled.  He moved toward Chomper.   The Fast Runner used the opportunity to run under his legs.   Now he was really mad.  Get back here!  he shouted at her.

I do not wish to be eaten so I will not be doing that.  the Fast Runner replied.

Chomper ran after her.   The Sharptooth chased after the both of them.   You’ve really upset Red Claw now.  the Fast Runner said to him.

Red Claw? Chomper asked her.

He’s the meanest Sharptooth around here.   Possibly the meanest of all.  she replied.

Who are you?  Chomper asked her.

My name is Ruby.  Who are you?  Why are you helping me?  she said.

Chomper.   I don’t think he should be eating kids.  Chomper replied.

Red Claw continued to chase after them.  Eventually, the both of them found that they had run into a dead end.    Got you trapped, you little brats!  Red Claw snapped at them   

What are we going to do now?  Ruby asked Chomper in concern.

They began to climb a rocky ledge, for it was their only hope to try and escape.  Chomper was below Ruby.  Both of them were clambering upward, hoping to get to the top and run before he could reach them.    As Red Claw moved toward them with his maw, Chomper decided to try and fight him off, hoping to, if not save himself, to save Ruby at least.   He leapt at the Sharptooth, his claws outstretched.    RAHHHHHH!  RNNNNNH!  RAHHHH!   Red Claw snarled, his right eye damaged by Chomper’s claws.   Chomper was thrown by the force of Red Claw stumbling around in pain.   Ruby, who was at the top of the rock ledge, caught him and pulled him to safety.  The two ran for it, now out of reach of Red Claw.

I’ll get you, you little brat!  You’d better watch your back!  he shouted threateningly at Chomper.

Thank you Chomper.   You saved my life.    Ruby said to him.

Back in the present, Ducky interrupted Chomper’s narration.  “So that is how you meeted Ruby.”

“Yes, it is.” Chomper replied.

“So, what happened after that?” Cera asked.

"We became friends." Chomper replied, recalling how it had happened.

Over a year ago, Chomper had said to Ruby You’re welcome.  I wasn’t going to let him eat you. 

And you aren’t going to eat me either?  Ruby asked him.

Nope.  I’m a friendly Sharptooth.    he replied.

Why are you friendly?  she asked.

Flatteeth were kind to me when I was a hatchling and saved me from Egg Stealers.  Later, a Longneck saved me from drowning.  he replied.

I wonder if you know the language of Flatteeth then if you’ve been around them.  Ruby said.

“Yes, I do actually.” Chomper replied.

“That is good, as I know Leaf Eater better than I do Sharptooth.” Ruby said

Chomper heard loud footsteps coming toward him.   His mom and dad came into sight.  Ruby tried to hide, rather unsuccessfully, in a bush.    His father sniffed the air.  He then said I smell Fast Runner. 

“Tell him not to eat me.” Ruby whispered to Chomper.  

She’s a friend.  Chomper quickly said to his parents.  

Are you sure?  I could use lunch right about now.  his father asked.

Yes, I’m sure.  Chomper reassured him.  

Very well then.  his mother said.   Ruby sighed in relief.

Sometime later, Ruby said to Chomper “Thank you for saving me from Red Claw and getting your parents not to eat me.” 

“No problem.  Glad to have a new friend.”  Chomper replied.

“We are friends.  Friends we are.” Ruby began to sing.

“Our friendship is going to go far.” Chomper sang.

“We are friends.   You and me.” sang Ruby.

“We’re going to have fun together, just wait and see.” sang Chomper.

“We are going to run around and play.

We’re going to have great adventures today.” sang Ruby.

“We’re going to have such a joyful time together.” sang Chomper.

“We’re going to be friends forever.” they both sang.

“Many things we will do.”  sang Chomper.

“Having fun together, me and you.” sang Ruby.

“Have you ever been friends with a Sharptooth before?” Chomper sang.

“No, but you’re so nice for a carnivore.” Ruby sang in reply.

“Now I don’t have to be alone anymore.” Chomper sang.

“Because we are going to be friends forevermore.” they both sang, finishing the song.

Back in the present, Cera asked “So what did you guys do?”

“We went to the Cave of Bubbling Waters.” Ruby said.

“Where that?” Petrie asked.

“It’s a cave out in the Mysterious Beyond.  It’s some distance from where my herd lives.” Ruby replied. “So Chomper and I went to the cave.  Chomper had never been there before.”

Over a year earlier, Chomper and Ruby had arrived at the cave.    “Are you sure this is the place?” Chomper asked.

“Yes, I’m sure that I’m sure.” Ruby replied.

The two headed inside.  Chomper heard a bubbling sound.  “What is that sound?” he asked her.

“That is the bubbling waters.” Ruby replied.

“The only time I’ve seen water bubble is when my tush blew a boomer while in it.” Chomper laughed.   Ruby scowled.    Chomper was so immature.  

They came to the bubbling waters.   “I wonder what makes them bubble.” Chomper said.

“I’m not sure, but I do know that it is warm.” she replied.

Chomper went into the water.  “You’re right.  It is warm.” he said. 

Ruby climbed in next to him.  “Yes, I find it relaxing.  I come here for many hours each day.” she said.

“That seems silly to spend so much time in bubbling water.” Chomper laughed.

RNNNNH!  They both looked around to see if they could find the source of the snarl.  RNNNH! 

“That was a Fast Biter snarl.”  Ruby whispered.

“We need to hide.” Chomper said.  

The two waded through the water.   At one point, Chomper had to grab onto Ruby to get across for it was over his head.   Behind them, two Fast Biters entered the cave.    “Oh no, it’s Screech and Thud!” Ruby whispered to Chomper.

“Who are Screech and Thud?” Chomper asked her.

“They’re Red Claw’s Fast Biters.” Ruby replied.

“Red Claw has Fast Biters working with him?” Chomper gasped.

“Yes.   Red Claw, Screech, and Thud terrorize the Mysterious Beyond.  Nobody has stood up to them until you came along.” Ruby replied.

Screech and Thud entered the cave.  I smell a Fast Runner.  Screech said to Thud.

I smell a Two Claw with her.  Thud remarked.

Perhaps we should look elsewhere.    I don’t feel like fighting a Two Claw to get a meal right now.  Screech suggested.

Thud continued to sniff and eventually spotted Chomper.   That’s not a full-grown Two Claw.  It’s only a Little Biter.   he remarked to his brother Screech.

Screech came toward Chomper and Ruby.   I want that Fast Runner.  You can have what’s left when we’re done.  Screech said to him.

No, you can’t have her!  Chomper shouted angrily at him.

Being selfish, eh?  Thud growled at him.

No, she is my friend!  Chomper retorted.   The two howled with laughter at this remark.

Fast Runners make better food than friends! Screech laughed.

Come and get us then, you Slow Biters!  Chomper taunted them.

You’re going to eat those words, you little brat, and then we’re going to eat you!  Thud snarled at him.

“Let’s get out of here!” Chomper said to Ruby.   The two reached the other side of the water and began to run.

Come on, let’s not let them get away!  Screech said to Thud.

But I hate going in water.  Thud grumbled. 

Come on.  Screech snapped at him.

The two jumped into the water.    Some of the way through, water bubbled around Thud.   Nice going brother!  Screech laughed   Thud turned red with embarrassment.

It wasn’t me!  Honest!  Thud tried to argue.

The two made it to the other side of the water.  Where did they go?  Screech asked Thud.

I smell them around here somewhere.  Thud replied.

The two began sniffing for the kids.   They turned right and went down a tunnel, for they didn’t see the kids anywhere.     As soon as they were gone, Chomper and Ruby emerged from a crevice that had been hastily blocked by small rocks.

“Glad they didn’t see us.” Ruby said.

“I know.  I’m glad they’re gone.  I was feeling cramped in there.” Chomper replied.

The two went back across the water and exited the cave.   Ruby noticed her parents looking for her.  “Oh no, they thought I’d be back by now but I wasn’t back because Screech and Thud were after us, which kept me from coming back!”

Ruby’s father spotted her, but not Chomper, who had been standing behind her.   “There you are dear!” Tor called to her.

Ruby moved toward him.  As she did so, she revealed Chomper.   “Ruby, run, there’s a Sharptooth behind you!”  Ovi called to her.

“Mom, this is Chomper.  He is a nice Sharptooth.” Ruby called back to her.

“Nice Sharptooth?” asked Ovi.

“Yes.  He saved me from Red Claw.”

“He did?  When did that happen?” Tor asked.

“About a week ago.”

“Why didn’t you tell us?” asked Ovi in alarm.

“Didn’t want to worry you.   Red Claw wasn’t pleased that Chomper helped me get away.   And we just got away from Screech and Thud just now.”

“Screech and Thud were after you?!  And who is Chomper?” asked Tor.

“I am.” Chomper replied.

“Wait, he can talk?” gasped Ovi and Tor.

“Yep, I can.”

Ovi asked “Where did you learn to talk?”

“Leaf Eaters.  Raised me for a little while.”

“Thank you so much for saving our daughter!” said Tor.

“No problem.” Chomper replied.

Back in the present, Ruby told Littlefoot and the others “So all was going well for a while.  However, eventually, Red Claw came.”

Over a year earlier, Chomper was heading off to go visit Ruby.   THUMP!  THUMP!  THUMP!  Dad is that you?  he asked.   THUMP!  THUMP!  THUMP!  Mom?  

ROAR!   Red Claw came into sight.   He wasn’t alone either; Screech and Thud were with him.   Ahhh, it’s Red Claw, Screech, and Thud!  Chomper cried in alarm.   He took off, and the trio chased after him.   SNAP!  SNAP!  SNAP!  Screech snapped at him, barely missing his tail.  

Get him!  Don’t let him get away!  Red Claw said to Screech and Thud. 

Up ahead was some sinking sand.   Oh no!  Chomper cried in horror.

Trapped now you little brat!  Screech laughed.  Chomper was nervous but soon spotted a vine.  It looked nearly long enough.  He would have to jump when he reached the end of its reach and hope that he could make it.  He grabbed onto it and jumped.    RNNNNH!   SNAP!  Thud lunged at where he had been and snapped his jaw shut, just narrowly missing him.     Chomper jumped from the vine as he reached the end.   The grabbed onto a rock, dangling above the sinking sands.  He was soon able to pull himself up to safety.

You can run but you can’t hide, Little Biter!   Red Claw called after him, unable to reach him.   

The next day, Chomper came to Ruby.   “Something looks like it is bothering you.” Ruby said to him.

Chomper replied “Red Claw, Screech, and Thud tried to kill me.”

“That is not good!” Ruby said.

ROAR!   Red Claw appeared, flanked by Screech and Thud.  “And there he is again!”  Chomper cried in alarm.

Don’t let them get away this time!  Red Claw told Screech and Thud.

“Run!” Ruby yelled.

Chomper and Ruby ran toward Chomper’s home.   Red Claw, Screech, and Thud pursued after them. 

The two came across Chomper’s mother.  Mom, it’s Red Claw!  Chomper called to her.

Red Claw, Screech, and Thud came into sight.  Get away from him you big bullies!  she shouted at the trio.

Red Claw shoved her aside.  Out of the way girl!  She slammed Red Claw down by head-butting him.  However, he soon got up and slashed her in the leg with his foot claw.  She fell down, hurt.   THWACK!   Red Claw turned around, snarling.  Ruby had hurled a rock at his head.  

Red Claw moved toward Ruby.   Chomper’s mother used the opportunity to get back up.   She kicked at Screech and Thud, sending them flying a few feet.  However, they soon leapt back up and bit her in the tail.    She cried out in pain. 

CHOMP!   Chomper bit Thud in the tale.   Go away you big bully!  he shouted.

Somebody is going to have to teach you manners, Little Biter.  Screech said to him.

ROOOOAR!  Chomper’s father arrived.  Leave my family alone!  he bellowed at Red Claw and the two Fast Biters

Your little brat hurt my eye and now I’m going to teach him a lesson!  Red Claw snapped.

Stick around and I’ll hurt the other eye!  Magnus threatened him.  Red Claw bit him in the arm.  Magnus cried in pain.  Luckily, the bite wasn’t bad.   Magnus retaliated by clawing Red Claw on the shoulder.  

Screech and Thud ran at Chomper.   Tyra grabbed him and pulled him out of reach just in time.   The two Fast Biters then went toward Ruby.   Mom, don’t let them get Ruby!  Chomper told her.   She grabbed Ruby and pulled her to safety just in time.  

Tyra, run!  I’ll hold them off!  Magnus told his wife.

You sure you can take all three of them?  she asked him.

Just go!  he insisted.  Tyra ran off with Chomper and Ruby.   Up ahead, she saw a cliff.   She leapt over it.    Two minutes later, Magnus, pursued by Red Claw, Screech, and Thud.  He took a running jump over the cliff.    After landing on the other side, he and Tyra blocked the path.    Go back you big bully, you’ve lost!  he called to Red Claw, Screech, and Thud.

Your little brat can’t hide forever!  I’ll get him someday!  Red Claw said before leaving with Screech and Thud.

Magnus, are you all right?  Tyra asked her mate.

Yes, dear.  he replied.

What are we going to do about Red Claw?  Tyra asked Magnus.

Maybe I can go to the Great Valley and get their help.   Remember how they beat you two by working together?  Chomper said to his parents.

Yes, I remember.  said Magnus in much the same tone that Petrie had said “Me remember.” when asked by Chomper some years earlier if he had remembered his parents.

Would they even let you in?  Tyra asked her son.

Chomper wasn’t sure on that himself.   However, he knew that Littlefoot would speak up for him at any rate.   I think so.   he replied.

Maybe Chomper can go with me.  Ruby suggested.

What do you mean?  Would your parents even like our son?  Tyra asked her.

I think they do.  Ruby replied.  She knew her folks liked Chomper for saving her but still mistrusted him somewhat since he was a Sharptooth.  

Won’t Red Claw notice you leaving though?  He seems to be staking us out.  Magnus asked.

We can go at night.   Red Claw will not be looking for us at night.   Ruby suggested.

Ruby’s right.  I don’t think Red Claw would expect me to run away from home.   And even if he did, he wouldn’t be expecting me to do it at night.  Chomper remarked.

I think it would be best if we went tonight.   The Night Circle shouldn’t be out tonight.  Ruby suggested.

Tonight?  As in a few hours?” Chomper gasped.

“I think so.   We can go stay with my parents before going to the Great Valley.   My Star Day is in two weeks and we can go then.” Ruby said.

Later that day, after the sun had set, Ruby said to Chomper “I think that it’s time that we go now.  We don’t want you to get hurt by Red Claw, Screech, and Thud.”

When exactly will you be going to the Great Valley?  Magnus asked Ruby.

Two weeks.  Right after my Star Day Celebration.  Ruby replied.

Make sure Chomper is safe.  Magnus told Ruby.

Don’t worry about it.  You have my word that I’ll watch him and keep him safe.  Ruby promised.

Be safe Chomper.  said Tyra.   She nuzzled Chomper with her snout.   

“I hope I can see my parents again.” Chomper said to Ruby, looking sad.

“I’m sure you will.” Ruby reassured him.

“Remembering, remembering

Is a wonderful thing.

It makes me think of times gone by.

Thoughts I’ll always hold dear,

Remembering makes reappear. 

And though I hate to say goodbye,

And even now that things seem bad,

I’ll always remember my Mom and Dad.

I’ll always have remembering.

My remembering.” Chomper sang.   He nuzzled both of his parents before leaving with Ruby.

“So, you didn’t see your parents again, until today.” Littlefoot said to Chomper, back in the present.

“Nope.” Chomper replied.

“So, what did you do when Chomper showed up with you, Ruby?” Cera asked.

“Well, we would have gone to bed as it was late anyway.   However, even though it was late, my brother and sister were afraid of Chomper and it took a while to get them to go to bed.” Ruby replied, recalling the incident.

“Ruby, why did you bring a Two Claw home?” asked her younger sister.

“Because, Calypso, he’s going to live here for a while.” Ruby replied.

“Doesn’t he already have a home?” asked her younger brother.

“Yes, he does, Paris, but he had to leave it.” Ruby replied.

“Did he have to run away because his mom and dad tried to eat him?” asked Paris.

“No.   He saved me from Red Claw and hurt Red Claw’s eye.  Now Red Claw wants to kill him.” Ruby replied, annoyed by all the questions.

“He did?” gasped Paris.

“Yep.   So Chomper and I snuck away tonight when Red Claw wouldn’t think to look.” Ruby replied.

“Will Red Claw come here?” Calypso asked.

Ruby thought on that one.   Red Claw wouldn’t be fooled forever.    Eventually, he would guess that Chomper was not at home.   However, as far as she knew, Red Claw didn’t know where she lived.    It would take him a while to figure that out, if indeed he could guess that he was still with her.   

“I think we’ll be gone to the Great Valley before he figures out we’re here.” she finally replied.

Ruby finally was able to convince her siblings to go to sleep.   Ruby and her parents went to sleep as well.   Chomper, however, was kept awake by the snoring of Calypso.   It normally wouldn’t have been that bad, but since being a Two Claw meant that he had very strong hearing, it was extremely irritating to him.  He tried to ignore it but as the hours went by, it kept annoying him.   QWONK!  QWONK!  QWONK!

“How am I ever going to get to sleep?” he grumbled.  BZZZZ!  A mosquito went by.    “A Biting Buzzer.  I am kind of hungry.” Chomper said to himself.  He went after it.   CHOMP!   He crushed it with his jaws and licked the goo off of his face.  “Ouch!” Another one had bitten him.  He chased after it and spotted several of them.   He was thinking of trying to eat them too when an idea occurred to him.  

He grabbed several of the Biting Buzzers and silently crept toward Calypso.   He quickly released them and then moved to go lie down.   As expected, the Biting Buzzers soon bit Calypso.   “YOUCH!” she cried.   She swatted at them for several minutes, shooing them away.  This gave Chomper enough of an opportunity to fall asleep.  Calypso, having dealt with the Biting Buzzers, also went back to sleep. 

The next morning, Ruby’s mother asked everyone if they had slept well.  “I did, mostly, but I got attacked by Biting Buzzers in my sleep!” Calypso whined.

“That’s unfortunate.” Tor remarked.  

“Don’t worry Calypso, if I see any Biting Buzzers, I’ll eat them for you.” Chomper offered, trying to sound innocent.

“Er…thanks.” Calypso replied, somewhat disgusted at the thought of eating Biting Buzzers.

Back in the present, Cera said “And so you stayed with Ruby’s family for two weeks.  Until Red Claw came.  And then you came to the Great Valley.”

“Yep.   It was Petrie who first found me.” Ruby said.

“Me remember.” Petrie said.

Over a year earlier, Ruby had arrived in the Great Valley.   “Hello there.   Me no recall seeing you before.”  Petrie said to her.

“I’m Ruby the Fast Runner.  I’ve got a message from a friend of yours, Chomper.   He and I need to stay here.  Red Claw wants to kill the both of us so we need to stay here so we don’t get killed.” Ruby told him.

“Who Red Claw?” Petrie asked.

“You don’t know?  He’s the meanest Sharptooth in the Mysterious Beyond and is flaking by his mean Fast Biter minions, Screech and Thud.” Ruby said in shock.

“That not good.  Me get Littlefoot.” Petrie said.

Sometime later, Littlefoot arrived with Cera, Ducky, and Spike.   “What’s the matter Petrie?” Cera grumbled.

“Chomper here.” Petrie replied.

“Chomper’s here in the Great Valley?” Cera gasped.

“Hi Cera.” Chomper said.

“Chomper!” the group cried, all running up and hugging him, Cera being the most reluctant and the last to hug him, in part out of spite due to having been bitten by him in the tail. 

“How are we going to explain this to the grownups?   They might not like Chomper.  Oh no, no, no.” Ducky said.

“Where will we put Chomper until it’s safe for him to come out?” Littlefoot asked.   Spike began to eat a large ferny bush, munching on it bit by bit.   “Good thinking Spike.” Littlefoot said.  Spike looked dumbfounded but smiled, glad to have been thought to have a good idea.  Chomper went and hid in the bush. 

Littlefoot went to his grandparents.  “I need to speak to you guys.  It’s urgent.” he said. 

“What is it Littlefoot?” Grandpa Longneck asked in concern.

“It’s about Chomper.” Littlefoot replied.

“Chomper?” gasped Grandma Longneck.   Littlefoot had told his grandparents about Chomper after he and the others had been stranded on the island with him.   He felt that he could trust them to not hate Chomper.  

“Yes, he’s on the run from dangerous Sharpteeth and he and his friend Ruby the Fast Runner need to stay here for a while.  They want to learn how we all work together that they can drive away the Sharpteeth.” Littlefoot replied.

“I’ll go see what I can do.” said Grandpa Longneck to Littlefoot.

Sometime later, the grownups met.   Chomper stood there nervously.   “I don’t know.  Having a Sharptooth in the Great Valley sounds kinda dangerous, don’t you think?” Topps remarked.   Some of the dinosaurs nodded in agreement.

“But he had always been good to Littlefoot and now he needs our help.” Grandpa Longneck argued.

After a long argument, Grandpa Longneck said to Chomper “Do you promise not to hurt anyone in the Valley?”

“I do.” Chomper replied.

“Then it has been decided that you and your friend Ruby will stay here.” Grandpa Longneck said.

“Wait just a minute here.   I can see letting the Bothtooth wander freely, but do you think it wise to let a Sharptooth stay here in the Valley?  What if he ate one of our kids?” Topps asked.  Several adults muttered their agreement.

“Littlefoot assures me that Chomper is safe.” Grandpa Longneck replied.

“I don’t want him near my kids!” Mrs. Maia snapped.

“I guess I’m not wanted here.  I can go stay in the Mysterious Beyond.” Chomper said gloomily.

“Nonsense.  You can stay here small one.   I think, though, that to ease those who doubt, that it would be best if you stayed in one of the caves on the edge of the Great Valley.” Grandma Longneck replied. 

The adults of the Great Valley agreed to this.  Chomper and Ruby did a happy dance, grabbing each other and spinning each other around.  The meeting adjourned.  Topps walked away, grumbling, “Of all the crazy ideas those Longnecks have had, this idea of letting a Sharptooth stay in the Great Valley takes the Tree Sweet!”

Back in the present, Chomper said “And so we got to stay in the Great Valley then.”

You kids should get going.   We don’t want Red Claw to catch you out in the open.  Magnus said to Chomper and Ruby.

When will I see you again?  Chomper asked. 

Soon, I hope.  Tyra replied.  Chomper nuzzled both of his parents with his snout before leaving with the others.   They returned back to the Great Valley.   Chomper would indeed see his parents again, but that is told in other tales.