Roshan the Homo ergaster is a teenage hominid (known as "Thin Skin") who becomes an ally of the Prehistoric Pals.


As an early human, he is naked all over except the top of his head, which is light brown. For clothing he usually just wears a pair of shorts made of animal fur and a woven headband made from silk and hair (except during the Cold Times), and sometimes a sling over his body made of vines to carry weapons.

Like most humans he is physically inferior to many of the animal-life he tackles and has to use his brain over his brawn.


Roshan is brave and somewhat rash to a Tarzan-esque level.


He is clearly a prehistoric version of Tarzan and also Basuli of Disney's The Legend of Tarzan, but is named after another prehistoric human of the same name from the movie Ice Age.


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