Rogue dinosaurs are the villianous creatures that Littlefoot and his friends faces in the Great Valley and the Mysterious Beyond.

Rogue Egg Stealers

Ranja - The rogue Egg Stealer (Ornithomimus) and leader of rogues who tries to steal dinosaur eggs after Ozzy and Strut failed. voiced by Andrew Kishino

Tovu - The hunting leader of the rogues who began going into the Great Valley to steal the eggs from the dinosaurs' nests but failed when Littlefoot and the others chases them out.

Tuka - A cowardly rogue egg steal who wanted to be a leader rather then fallow Tovu.

Viantla - A female rogue egg stealer who fought Ruby in the Great Valley when the pack came to get their revenge.

Rogue Longnecks

Red Foot- A rogue longneck (Brontosaurus) who looks like Littlefoot but darker who seeks revenge on the longnecks that made a monster out of him.

Longpata - A rogue longneck (Apatosaurus) and the enemy of Littlefoot's Grandpa Longneck who wants Littlefoot to join him or be killed.

Rogue Threehorns

​Hornron - A rogue brown threehorn (Triceratops) and Topsy's rival who was banished from the Great Valley for going rogue and been after Cera for what she did to him.

Rogue Swimmers

​Swimcora - ​A female rogue swimmer (Saurolophus) who hunts any swimmer and she fought Ducky when they're under water or on land.

Rogue Flyers

Flyser -  ​A rogue flyer (Pteranodon) who looks like Petrie but dark green who hunts and kills many flyers and he fought Petrie in the sky.

Rogue Spiketails

Platetorra - A rogue spiketail (Stegosaurus) who was banished from Tippy's herd after a fight with the Spiketail Leader and seeks revenge and he faced Spike and Tippy.

Rogue Sharpteeth and Fast Biters

​Titanno - A rogue sharptooth (Tyrannotitan) who was in the Cave of the Healing Flowers in the Mysterious Beyond.

Shade and Slasha -​ Two rogue fast biters (Velociraptors) who prey on other fast biters and sharpteeth in the Mysterious Beyond and the dinosaurs in the Great Valley.

Shade - a black male fast biter

Slasha - a yellow female fast biter

Fin-Back - A rogue spiny sharptooth (Spinosaurus) who hunts and kills many other sharpteeth and fast biters in the Mysterious Beyond.

Rogue Fast Runners

​Ovinia - ​A rogue female fast runner (Oviraptor) who looks like Ruby but violet who hunts many other fast runners.