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Red Foot

Red Foot is a rouge longneck with a scar and a redded foot on the right  and is know as the Monsterousaurus.

He appeared in the movie The Land Before Time All Grown Up 11 Mystery of the Monsterousaurus
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Red Foot before he got the scar and the red foot

He attack and kills many dinosaurs even Longnecks that made him a monster after he took out Brighterra the green eyed longneck.

When Big Daddy told the story about Red Foot how he became a rouge and how he

got the scar and his foot is red is that he fought against Brighterra and killed her

Red Foot vs Brighterra

by throwing her off the cliff by grabbing her by the neck and went to kill more longnecks and other dinosaurs before they make a monster out of him.

At night, Red Foot started growling and roaring to kill all the dinosaurs in the forest valley

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He once fight agaisnt Cera and the others and her long lost siblings and their team and defeated all of them.When Littlefoot came and saved Cera from being killed, he breaks his leg and defeated him by smashing him and grabbing him on the neck and tossing him off the cliff and Red Foot was gone forever.

Littlefoot meets Red Foot