This is an episode of the second season of the TV Series where Shorty comes to the Great Valley to celebrate his Hatch Day. However, he, Littlefoot, and Chomper get trapped in a cave due to an earthshake. Born and the others try and get them out. Shorty, meanwhile, wonders what will happen to them if they stay in there too long and Chomper starts to get hungry.













Oh No We’re Trapped (New Song)

We Did It Together  (New Song)

Littlefoot and his friends were playing Stop the Seed.  “Look Littlefoot!” cried Ducky, pointing behind Littlefoot.

“Nice try Ducky!” said Littlefoot, who thought Ducky, who was on the other team, was trying to trick him. 

Chomper, who was on the same team as Littlefoot, however, had looked.  “It’s Bron.” said Chomper.

Littlefoot looked and saw Bron and Shorty coming toward him.   “Hi Dad!” said Littlefoot.  Bron had just come with Shorty this time instead of with his whole herd.   “Hello Shorty.”

“Hello Littlefoot.” said Shorty.

“What brings you here, Dad?” Littlefoot asked.

“We came to celebrate Shorty’s Hatch Day.” Bron replied.

“Today is my 10th Hatch Day.” Shorty said.

“Congratulations Shorty.”  Littlefoot said.

“What would you like to do today Shorty?” Bron asked.

“I think I will explore the Great Valley.  I have been to the Great Stone Walkover already.   I’ll do the caves this time.” Shorty said. 

Cera, Ducky, Petrie, Spike, Chomper, and Ruby joined them.   Littlefoot, Shorty, and Chomper were at the head of the group.    They entered the cave.    Before the others could go in, however, the ground began to shake.   “Earthshake!”  Shorty yelled.  Littlefoot, Chomper, and Shorty ran forward into the cave to avoid being hit by falling rocks while the others moved back out of the cave to avoid the falling rocks.  

[Theme song "All I see is the day in front of us. All I see is the day in front of us. Burning bright with a new-born sun. Burning bright with a new-born sun. Come follow me. Hills to climb and valleys to roam

Oh, streams to follow all the way home
To the Land Before Time
Before time."]

The rocks stopped falling.   “Is everyone all right?” Littlefoot asked.

“Yes.” said Cera.

“I’m fine, but we can’t get back out, at least not the way we came.” Shorty replied.

“Chomper, are you ok?” Littlefoot asked.

“Yes, I’m fine.” Chomper said.

There was a bit of light in there that came through the top of the fallen pile of rocks.   They could see a path heading into the cave, going downhill.  

Littlefoot and the others tried pushing on the rocks.  His friends tried to move the rocks on the other side.  However, after spending some time in their efforts, they realized that it was futile.   Littlefoot looked at the path going further into the cave.   “Guess we’ll have to follow it.”  he said.  

They headed further into the cave.  The light grew dimmer and dimmer.  

“Ouch!” Littlefoot cried, feeling something hit him.

“Littlefoot?” came a voice.

“Shorty?” Littlefoot said.

“I can’t see that well in here.” Shorty said.

“Grab onto my tail and follow me.” Littlefoot said.

“I can’t see you!  How can I do that?” Shorty grumbled.

Chomper grabbed Shorty.  “Hey!  What are you doing?” Shorty snapped.

“Bringing you to Littlefoot.” Chomper replied.    Chomper brought Shorty to Littlefoot.

“How did you find him?  I couldn’t even see him.” Shorty asked.

“My sniffer.” Chomper replied.       Chomper grabbed onto Shorty and Shorty grabbed onto Littlefoot.   Together, they moved forward.     After a couple of minutes, Littlefoot nearly fell into a pit, but Shorty and Chomper were able to pull him to safety.    

“I don’t like being in here in the dark.  I didn’t even see that pit.” Littlefoot said.

“We’ll have to keep going.   The other way is blocked.” said Chomper.

“But what if there is no other way out?” Shorty asked in concern.

“The only way we’ll know for sure is if we look first.” said Littlefoot.

Meanwhile, Bron was distraught.   “I never intended for this to happen.   This is going to wreck Shorty’s Hatch Day.”

“Do not worry.  I am sure they are fine.  I am.” Ducky reassured him.

“What are we going to do?   My son and Shorty are trapped in there.” Bron said, if more to himself than the others.

“Chomper is also in there too.  He is.” Ducky reminded him.

“We need to get help.”  Bron said.

After traveling in the dark for several minutes, Littlefoot, Chomper, and Shorty came to a section of the cave that had some light that came in through cracks in the roof.   “Finally, I can see again!” Shorty cried.

They noticed four paths ahead of them.  One going uphill, one going downhill, one going left, and one going right.   “Which one do we take?” Shorty asked.

“How about that one?” suggested Littlefoot, pointing toward the one that went upwards.  “It appears that it heads back up.”  The others agreed and they went up that path.   The further they went on that path, the less light there was.  Eventually, they reached a point where there was no light.

“Everyone stay close.” Littlefoot said.

Chomper began sniffing the air.   “What are you doing?” Shorty asked.

“I smell Crawlers.” Chomper replied.   He grabbed them and began eating them.

“YUCK!  That’s disgusting!  I’m so glad that I can’t see you right now!” Shorty exclaimed.

“Well, I have to eat something.  I hadn’t eaten yet today.” Chomper replied.

“Yeah.  I suppose.” Shorty replied.   “Wait a minute…..we’re trapped in here with a Sharptooth!  A Sharptooth!  Do you realize what that means Littlefoot?” he said in alarm.

“Ummm……I.” Littlefoot muttered, wondering where he was going with this.

“It means that he might eat us!” Shorty replied.

“No, he wouldn’t.  He’s our friend.”  Littlefoot laughed.

“Not if he was hungry.” Shorty countered.

Meanwhile, Grandpa Longneck asked Bron “Any luck on freeing the young ones?”

“I’m afraid not, Papa Longneck.”  Bron replied.

“Never ask a Longneck to do a Threehorn’s job.” The two Longnecks turned around.   Topps had arrived.  “Cera told me about the mishap.   I can handle this.” he said.

“I don’t know.  I couldn’t break through.” Bron said skeptically.

“That’s because you’re not a Threehorn.” Topps laughed.   Bron scowled.     He rammed the opening.  The rocks broke.  “See?” he said smugly.   However, the force he’d hit the rocks with had loosened the rocks in the ceiling behind them.    CRASH!   There was another cave-in.  

“Well done, Threehorn.” Bron said, smirking.   Topps scowled. 

“Well, I tried.” Mr. Threehorn said in resignation. 

Meanwhile, Littlefoot, Shorty, and Chomper had reached a dead end.  “Dead end again!” Shorty moaned.

“Let’s go back the other way.” Littlefoot suggested.

“Ouch!” Shorty cried.  

“What is it?” Littlefoot asked.

“I hit something!” Shorty replied.

“Yeah, me.” Chomper said.

“Oops, sorry.” Shorty said.

They headed back the way they came.   A bat darted in front of Littlefoot, causing him to stop abruptly.   Chomper collided with Littlefoot and Shorty collided with Chomper.   “Oof!” Shorty moaned as Chomper hit him. 

“Ouch!” Chomper cried as Littlefoot bumped  into him.    The group went tumbling backward, going down a path they had passed up earlier on the way down.   


  • This is the second main character, in this case Littlefoot, that Chomper has bitten in the tail, Cera being the first.
  • This episode was referenced in The Land Before Time XXI: Hunter Valley.
  • This is the second episode in the second season of the TV Seires with Shorty appearing and the third overall in the TV Series in which he appears.   Unless he is later added to Season 3, his next appeareance wil be in The Land Before Time XVI: The Lonely Longneck (as a major character).

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