Draco the Megadracosaurus is a prehistoric dragon who becomes a member of Littlefoot's team (and a secret weapon for the Great Valley residents).


Draco tends to resemble the dragons of the dragonology merchandise and the documentary "Dragons: A Fantasy Made Real". He has two arms, legs and wings. And of course he can breath fire too, and because of this he is sometimes nicknamed a "secret weapon".


Draco is amazingly brave, even as a child, as when confronted by a predator he'll choose to stand and fight more often than runaway, also acting as bait to protect others if he has too.

He tends to be picky about making friends, Littlefoot is his favorite by far, who is caring and nice, while Cera, who is temperamental and hostile he usually hates most of the time. Due to his fire breathing, Draco tends to have an aura of authority as everyone else try to be respectful and avoid provoking him, and even Topsy, the most hostile valley resident, knows better than to anger him.